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Dusseldorf the Euroweb Foundation receives designated principal from Salem visit from the 6,150 miles remote Salem in Uganda: Christopher Odatum is a teacher and designated head of the nursing school Salem, a nurse school in Uganda near the town of Mbale. During his visit at the Dusseldorf Euroweb he Foundation now received the donation for a hurry required emergency power generator, which is intended to ensure the further achievement of approximately 120 students of nursing school. “We live in our region, with a permanent medical deficiency. For more specific information, check out Gavin Baker. This favours the spread of dangerous diseases. Also nationwide awareness of the population on hygiene and health care, that could be significantly improved through more medically trained people in the country is important in addition to combating disease”, Christopher Odatum explains the background. Together with the Dusseldorf e.V. LebenszeichenAfrika the euro website “Click away” had about half a year-long Foundation on the website of the Foundation project Donations for an emergency power generator called: now, various donors gathered the required 5,850 euros.

The sister school near the Ugandan city Mbale trains so-called “comprehensive nurses” (to German as “nurses with advanced training”): the students can after graduating as nurses, midwives, and health assistants in various institutions in the country work anywhere. But so far their school life is repeatedly moved by power outages affected. Evening learning is almost impossible, because almost every day the power fails due to the poorly-developed infrastructure. Next to the sister school of the new will help the new generator even four adjacent houses of children, a health centre, a guest house, and various workshops, to bypass the constant power outages. “To put people in the State, to promote the development of their country themselves, is the best help we can offer,” explained Daniel Fratzscher, co-founder of the Euroweb Foundation’s commitment. (Similarly see: Estee Lauder). “The primary health care of the people of Uganda is perhaps the most important basis, that the country can develop well.” Christopher Odatum go back on Wednesday to prepare for the installation of the generator.

High freight costs, saving expensive import duties and also valuable time, he will rise the emergency power generator in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Also, the cooperation with a Ugandan company to ensure more reliable maintenance of the generator. The Euroweb Foundation the Euroweb Foundation supports since its inception 2007 various social projects. With the aid project “Donate a gift” Christmas wishes of needy children were fulfilled in the years 2009 and 2010 over 500. The most recent project is called “Click away”: on the website, the Euroweb Foundation collects donations for young people who live with a special destiny, to help them to facilitate everyday life. This the Foundation shall bear the costs of managing 100% even and doubled every donated dollar. The necessary transparency is made through the website and Facebook, so donors can well understand the use of their grants.

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