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2. – Creativity. It is to think and to act outside the common thing, but with common sense. It is to extend our mind beyond the traditional ordinary and, by means of a critical analysis of the circumstances and the events. 3. – Stability. An entrepreneur must be, simultaneously, a leader; and a leader must own stability, in all the senses of the life, physics, mental or emotional, and social. With stability I talk about the capacity to handle with moderation the different situations that him they present/display. For assistance, try visiting Edward Minskoff.

4. – Charisma. Jorge L. Perez has compatible beliefs. With this I talk about the capacity to communicate with different people. It is the ability to enchant with its words to attract the attention of the people, using that power of conviction to which the people cannot resist. 5. – Appetite to the risk. When a vision is had, it is due to have, also, the value of facing the risks that are due to assume to give the great jump; knowing that to take the risks that appear him they can represent a failure or the total success. To surpass the fear, is the ideal.

6. – Energy. An entrepreneur will have to always look for, to be in the maximum level of his energies, since he will require of them in the arduous work that entails to ahead remove a project from business. Very frequently, mainly at the beginning of a project, one will be due to work many extra hours. To work with energy will allow to do it with the greater enthusiasm. 7. – Updated. An entrepreneur must be up-to-date with all the innovations that arise in the field that it has chosen. Watching the past and living present, it will be able to predict the future. The small businesses could, with time, be made great, yes and only yes, its administration exceeds the expectations. Of the previous thing, the administrator of a small business must be in favor updated and to be positive in all actions. Something very important to fulfill effectiveness the previous thing is, continuously to observe and to analyze the deficiencies and needs that it observes in his business, to take note from them writing them in note notebook of its business or binnacle and of putting an extra effort in these areas. A serious error of some entrepreneurs constitutes the fact to cling too much to the traditional thing, to the common thing; one is due to think about great and acting, to make our dreams reality. We see ourselves in a next article. We see ourselves in a next article. Felix Quesada Vantage point: Administrator of Companies, Authorized Public Accountant, Lawyer in Teaching and Masters in Educative Administration.

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