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To diagnosis the perception of the organization from its managers; To raise the real difficulties of the collaborators? Dimensionar one program of qualitative training in accordance with the detected lacks; To plan the training aiming at the development of abilities; The methodology adopted at the first moment will be come back toward the survey of the necessities of the Educational ABC. These data collected by means of applicatory questionnaires next to the employees will be starting point to initiate the analysis of intervention in the company. Characterized as one it searches qualitative is defined, how much to the ends, as interventionist, what it means to intervine in the reality of an organization, in this case the Educational ABC. Being thus, it is understood that its intention is not only to explain, but also to solve the problems effectively. (VERGARA, 2004). How much to the ways of study it is characterized in such a way as bibliographical research how much as research of field, and its beginning with bibliographical research supported in the studies of authors such as.

Boog (1994), Chiavenato (2006 and 2010), Marras (2002), among others. This research has as objective to consolidate theoretical knowledge that come to base a diagnosis with the intention to know the reality of the Educational ABC in order to present an intervention proposal. The field research, according to Vergara (2004), consists of the carried through analysis inside of the studied company, of form to explain phenomena and elements that can occur or that already they had occurred. Of this form the diagnosis of the company, based on interviews with the managers will be carried through, with sight if to have a general perception of the organization. Ahead of the gotten information, one will search to ahead make a survey of the necessities of training with the team of the presented problems.

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