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China said that its lunar mission would include three passages of orbit, landing and return, but until the moment the program of no manned lunar mission is no developing Reaches, repercussions On the other hand also it exists, a serious preoccupation of the USA, like it review americaeconomia. com, before the increase of the influence of China in Latin America. It does not want nor to imagine the consequences of a possible contagion of the communist ideology to the countries of the subcontinent, many of them directed by governments of left like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, or Uruguay. And less still the effect in its economy of a fruitful commercial alliance with these nations. After all they are exports to the Asian countries, essentially to China, those that are throwing of their GIP. Before this situation, Washington has chosen to play down the economic benefits of an approach between the subcontinent and the Asian giant. In a debate organized in the American Congress to analyze the influence of China in Latin America, Noriega realised these declarations in the American Congress during a debate on the influence of China in Latin America, the assistant secretary for the subcontinent of the Department of State of the USA, Roger Noriega, affirmed that the Chinese investments consist normally of loans that habitually they require that the works are done by companies of the Asian country, and notices that " with those China investments she will be more competitive in the global market, but at the cost of the economies of Latinoamrica".

The American civil servants also emphasize that China is an interested country that it is developing relations essentially with producing iron countries, receives, steel, integrated circuits, electrical machinery, and petroleum. Perhaps he is this last one what it worries to the Government more about Bush, although already this to leave and to leave to Obama this inheritance. The Latin American countries on the other hand, try to resist the influence in their productive sectors of the massive Chinese product entrance in the region; circumstance that also was in charge to put in evidence the congressmen of the USA. According to the data offered by the president of the subcommittee for the Western Hemishpere of the House of Representatives, They give Burton, the Chinese imports of Latinoamri Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM) UC. Postgraduates masters in Administration of companies, Quality and productivity; education Doctorate in Education Titular professor and investigating Area of Postgraduate of Phases UC. Consultant – enterprise adviser DEPROIMCA EXATEC. surroundings-enterprise. com

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