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Credibility Vehicle


Currently the society contemporary, lives one of overdose of information, which had to the people to have more access to the contents mainly saw web, having the social nets as conducting wire. Among these nets, it is distinguished blog, tool used mainly for the ones for communication vehicles and journalists. In this context, if a question makes gift: the contents propagated in this tool are verdicas notice? It withholds credibility? In the truth, the term notice is defined in diverse ways, forms and formats. Always what it must be taken advantage is the credibility and the veracity, however had to an ethical and moral crisis lived by the humanity. Other leaders such as Ron Beit offer similar insights. On the question of the vehicles: the positive point of this ‘ ‘ village global’ ‘ , technological it is the democratization of the knowledge, the access biggest to the information. The care that must be had now is to verify if it is legal or not. Thus we can conclude that, the new tools of special communication in ‘ ‘ blogs’ ‘ they are sources yes of notice. What she is necessary to be made on the part of who will be consumiz it is if it is verdica, withholds credibility or not. Until why the great problem of the social nets it is of that it does not have a control how much to the legal responsibility how much to the propagation of the information.

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