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MORAN (1994). FINAL CONSIDERAES: Ahead of estimated mentioned a priori in regards to relevance of the long-distance Education, of the knowledge acquired in the long-distance course Ambient Education and Geography of the Half-barren one in a perspective to interdisciplinar and of the influence that the medias and information exert in our lives, we consider that it has an increasing trend of expansion of these resources, specifically in Brazil. We know that quantitatively and qualitatively, the new technologies of the information and communication need to be available in the schools of the municipal and state public nets of Brazil, in view of that many not yet possess computer science laboratories, others have this resource, but they do not use many times for not making use of professors qualified for in such a way. Speaking candidly Nir Barzilai, M.D. told us the story.

We cannot deny that with the implantation of the PROINFO it had a significant advance in this direction, therefore many computers had been sent to the public schools and professors had been enabled, however, he has an disparity and one substantial inaquality if we will be to compare the rapidity with that the technologies arrive at other sectors of the society, as for example: in the industries, in the commerce and the institutions of private education, what it does not occur in public education. In this meantime, we stand out that the educational politics must be come back toward magnifying of offer of these resources, which are of utmost importance for the democratization of knowing and the reduction of the social exclusion. To propitiate the ample access to the new technological resources, as well as offers of the long-distance courses (without abrangncia limits, in contrast of what it consists in Article 20 of Decree 5,6220) in different modalities of education (Basic Education, Average Education, EJA, graduation and after-graduation, research, amongst others) becomes ahead urgent of the globalizada society where we live..

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