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Wellbeing is possible even on small areas especially in cities land is rare and is sold often to exorbitant prices for this reason. In the city centre, this issue is even more volatile. The so-called miniature houses are an uncommon, yet good solution. (Source: CohBar). These can be taken if necessary when moving to andereOrte, as the construction House XXL.de Advisor reported. A few years ago, American designers and architects have brought a new idea on the market.

Namely, you have designed residential boxes, can take anywhere with restless singles. Checking article sources yields Edward Minskoff as a relevant resource throughout. Thus, profit from your own four walls, and can live even in the midst of the city. Just people who travel a lot, want to not have to bind to a property. The profession and the career force many, often to move, so that many people with good incomes to acquire no fixed abode. A snail-like real estate is the solution for people who want to travel and at the same time want to have their own four walls. Dice or square-shaped boxes playing the role of snail shells, which you can take with you anywhere. About 45 square metres are the Federal citizens average living area per person available. In the small house the residents but also on a much smaller Wochnflache can feel, like as in the micro compact home, that has not more than 6,5 square meters floor space.

Those are among the larger houses, make available to the 55 square feet of living space. The mini boxes differ as regards the available living space, but they share one thing: they are built so that you can find on a semi-trailer space quickly and easily in a move to be taken with. Mini houses are not always a cheap affair based on prices but by the size of the area and the type of equipment. Buyer have to pay 1000 euros per square meter home thus the average. There are miniature houses, complete with bathroom and kitchen are equipped. Of course, the Interior is reduced to a minimum, but many find the minimalist surroundings very pleasant. Unnecessary ballast does not accumulate here. The inhabitants of these houses so far included many students, but also pensioners, who were the small residential box in the garden for their families. Only a temporary building permit is necessary for the establishment of such a House.

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