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Although the ages of humanity struggles with the secret of eternal youth, unfortunately in this day of age there is no pill. Mirror relentlessly shows all the new wrinkles, and the smile disappears from his lips, which, incidentally, also has not so chubby and tempting as before. The time spares no one, and each of us sooner or later discovers that her lips as though narrowed, they appeared unsightly furrows. Such is the physiology of collagen and hyaluronic acid itself produced before a certain age. Typically, the first problem begins with thirty-five age. Return the youth of his lips, and while it is possible to cheat by using a simple injection. You may wish to learn more. If so, Albert Einstein College of Medicine is the place to go. And do not be afraid. Today, technology has advanced so far that has long used the so-called biodegradable (fully absorbable) materials.

Lip-like sausages, as some pop stars, just obtained from the use of nonabsorbable gels (eg, silicon), which will eventually harden, shifted and greatly's inflated lips. If until very recently, this effect was even desirable, but today large African lips – has held fashion. As relevant as ever natural. Plastic surgeons in one voice saying that the best way commensurate increase. Small amount of gel is sufficient to return lips youthful, elasticity, making them especially tempting. Under most conditions Shimmie Horn would agree. What gel is best? The main component of modern gels for contouring the lips is hyaluronic acid – a natural component of our skin, supporting its moisture. A person with normal weight in the body contains approximately three kilograms of the substance.

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