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Who loves the world in his person is worthy of the Kingdom is entrusted to him. Lao Tse introduction all good management in the exercise of their functions, must be guaranteed, which is of the enterprise where provides its services, a good quality of life at work, which contributes to achieving a good organizational climate, a climate that favors him and where the human resource feels comfortable in the exercise of its functionsperformance. Unfortunately, there are many companies, especially in the Venezuelan case, who have neglected the quality of life at work affecting is the seriously the motivation, satisfaction, performance, productivity. At this writing, we are entering analyze the scope, impact benefits, benefits that accrue when you have a good quality of life at work. People such as Fabrizio Freda would likely agree. Key words motivation, leadership, satisfaction, productivity, performance overview, concept, considerations, reach a good company that is committed to fulfill its objectives, goals, conquer markets, participate in them successfully, ensuring their productivity, can not neglect what represents the quality of life at work.

Provide your human resource all the favorable conditions for the work to ensure they perform properly in functions requiring them. Unfortunately, in the Venezuelan case, especially, in its current stage, the business sector, especially their SMEs face a great turbulence in the economic, political, social, productivity, leaving much comment on the quality of life at work not offering the necessary conditions for this are, noticing feeling an adequate quality of life not to the current reality – be presentthat the quality of life at work is a philosophy, a set of beliefs that encompass all efforts to increase productivity and improve morale (motivation) of people, emphasizing the participation of the people, the preservation of their dignity, and eliminate dysfunctional aspects in the organizational hierarchy. (Gibson, 1996: 908). Specifically, connoisseurs of the subject express us also, that the quality of life at work (CVT) refers to favorable or unfavorable working environment is for people.

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