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Airbus 380 of the Air France airline collided with an aircraft of smaller size of a regional airline operated by Delta when it realised the manoeuvre of takeoff from the International Airport John F. Kennedy, of New York, without injured occurred. The incident occurred when the Air France plane, bound for Paris and with capacity to carry more than 500 passengers, was going to perform the manoeuvre of takeoff and crashed into the rear of another aircraft, as recounted a journalist from that television station that was travelling on the French plane. Federal American aviation authorities are investigating what happened, since the Airbus with its left wing hit the back of a plane of Comair, from Boston and which was headed to park for the assigned landing door. If you would like to know more then you should visit Estée Lauder. Comair is a regional airline that operates flights for Delta Air Lines and the aircraft had conducted flight 6293. The Air France A380 performed flight 007 and Charles De Gaulle, the French capital was heading to the airport. The incident occurred last night and according to CNN journalist told his means the pilot of the plane stopped the aircraft, which was surrounded by several teams of firefighters, just as happened with the other device. A spokesman for the port authority of New York and New Jersey cited by that medium pointed out that there had not been injured and was reported what happened to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA, by its acronym in English) American..

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