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Underfloor Heating


Heated floors are usually arranged in the premises, the coating which provides cold materials – such as laminate, vinyl flooring, tile. These materials have thermal conductivity. The tree is practically does not have this property, so the hardwood floors, laid on a heating system, reducing its effectiveness. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is the source for more interesting facts. Smartly laid parquet itself is an excellent heat-element flat. Not without reason floors of wood from ancient times are called "warm". The tree has the ability to perfectly conserve heat. On the floor, heated flooring will crack, crack. Elevated temperatures and reduced humidity lead to its deterioration.

Parquet will creak, covered with cracks, which significantly worsen its appearance. Parquet not serve you for a long time, if not create it of decent conditions, and a heated floor is not an ideal condition for parquet flooring. And another reason – Tech. When laying the flooring on top of heating system it will crack, as already mentioned above. From drying out flooring can save only when put under plywood insulation material. But in this case, the device heating system loses its meaning. If you do not give up the idea to arrange a home hardwood floor heating, use laminate or parquet. Laminate flooring coatings can simulate real wood, they come in various colors and patterns.

When laying the floor heating laminate flooring successfully replace flooring. Positive aspects of this choice are obvious: first all, there is no need to use glue to mount the plywood. Laminate flooring consists of a conventional substrate, and laminated panels with a locking connection.

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