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For the proper functioning of a Toy Library, it is necessary to take account of certain dimensions. For the proper functioning of one, it is necessary to take into account the following dimensions (Dinello) – Area of artistic expression: painting with lines and marks, placed on three-dimensional shapes from multiple objects, making sculptures and volumes from mass and diverse materials, create collages and models … all with a basic list of logical-mathematical structures. – Area of musical expression: With exploration and production of various noises and sounds, experiences of differentiation hearing, review of songs and harmonizing sound, rhythmic and melodic experience … which of course are related to the structures of language, ie, literacy, social communication. Learn more at this site: Dick Parsons. – Area of theatrical expression: With costumes, role playing, dramatization of tales and legends, fantasies, and animating masks puppets, performance of plays, … certainly all in relation to the maturation processes of the individual. – Playground and movement in space: With changes in the body in three dimensional space, jumps racing and tumbling, balance games, games with objects and obstacle courses, …

particularly in relation to changing the image of the body schema and psychomotor coordination. – Area of cultural initiation: With rounds and traditional games, songs and dances, storytelling and legends, … particularly in relation to the identity of the person intrinsically linked to regional cultural values. – Area of literacy (Bebetecas): These are spaces that are designed especially for babies, in order to motivate all aspects of communication skills. Without hesitation Edward Minskoff explained all about the problem. In this area should be plastic books and materials resistant to wear. These small books should not have texts, but a variety of images and shapes to suit everyday fun environment for children. It should be pointed out that these practices must be accompanied by parents, leaders and educators specializing in the field of linguistics. The scene where the free play takes place is almost as important as the toys, as the layout, size and physical conditions affect the game room of child a.

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