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University of applied sciences Nordhausen and competent partner offering course on corporate governance Sondershausen / Nordhausen(MXM). The University of applied sciences Nordhausen offers March 2010 together with the Chamber of Commerce Erfurt and the firm Lambrecht & Marx, Steuerberater Rechtsanwalte, one in this compactness extraordinary, because practice-oriented further education studies corporate governance made transparent at. If you are not convinced, visit Byredo. One is not born as a contractor, but you can learn being entrepreneurs. The training offer is aimed at entrepreneurs, entrepreneur, corporate successor of (future) leaders. It consists of a total of 170 lessons and will be completed after successful final test with a certificate of the University of applied sciences.

Fourteen partners from business and teaching closely to the side are the participants: professors of the University of applied sciences Nordhausen, designated practitioners from the industry as well as experienced consultants, accountants and lawyers. You their concentrated expertise bring to the founders, successors, entrepreneurs and Leaders of today and tomorrow the necessary tools compact and efficient to convey. The course has a duration of 6 months and is carried out in 9 compact weekend seminars and 3 individual events. Beginning of the course is on March 17, 2010. The application-oriented education aims to provide the necessary economic, fiscal and legal foundation for the long-term, sustainable business success the (future) entrepreneurs and executives in a balanced mixture of theory and practice. Given the many and varied challenges and regulations, students be empowered to run their business successfully and to develop.

The benefit is obvious: the participants qualify as an entrepreneur continue or grow in their future tasks. It is particularly appealing for many an entrepreneur interested to take over an already existing medium-sized company. So you will be able to provide a quick start and must not her own Companies from the first pencil and the first bench of self build. Many founders and young entrepreneurs want to avoid the cost of buying a company on the other hand, realize from the first day of their own ideas and grow with your company. Optimal chances arise for participants of this training is the dream of the entrepreneur-be able successfully to fulfill. The demanding further vocational training is under the technical direction of the University of applied sciences Nordhausen, the management consultant and financial economist (ebs) Monika Lambrecht and Thuringia Chamber of Commerce. It shows the great interest of science and business, to pave the way for the career young and less-young entrepreneurs and managers and to assist as competent contact persons with help and advice.

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