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The Vatican


From the courtyard you can see the lights of St Peter’s and the DOM, as he lights up the dark sky blue. The atmosphere is magical and subtly one travels with his imagination back in times past, while the tour guide tells the extravagant balls and banquets, which were once held in this place. When the lighting you feel so fast, as one would sneak without invitation through the House of a wealthy stranger. At this point, the leadership will then also almost a little strange. l. The Vatican museums, so knows how to report the tour guide, were not always museums, but once the private Palace of none other than the Pope himself. In the high halls seem to us to follow the spirits of the deceased Popes and to comply with the paintings and sculptures with gespenstiger anxiety. It seems that the artwork instead of the Guide itself to one would talk while one passes on them.

Extraordinary things tell a while about their own history. For a second, it is almost as if the Pope himself behind a corner would emerge in his cloak of night and slippers and takes the visitors group as nighttime troublemakers in the visor. You feel almost so, as he should be gently on tiptoe, while secretly take memories from bygone times together with his accomplices of the tour itself. Such an opportunity who, who miss the evening tour, definitely not. If you are in the fortunate position to be even in Rome, then use this unique opportunity. Possibly there will be it a second time. It’s especially great to know that you can share this experience with only a few people in the world. Not very often happens that one is a rare reminder as a souvenir home with

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