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with reinforced paper back. Beware also the right label and the Dist of the envelope. For example, There is no recipe for success for a good application but some tips on how to improve his chances. Use high-quality 90 – or 100 – gram paper. Use fonts such as Arial or times new Roman ranging in size from 11 or 12 point. Use white paper and black ink! For your signature a fountain pen with blue ink. Use no plastic covers that are out. Use a stapler in subtle color, plastic or wire spiral.

Remember to call your contact person in the title name. Please not: “ladies and gentlemen”. You have no partner, then ask them by phone. Use no templates. (The employers know that almost all). Be creative. Check your resume and your cover letter errors. No negative formulations. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Realogy Holdings Corp.

Don’t overdo. Avoid your weaknesses to explain and words like, I think, and I think you’d rather omit. Writing a novel, confined to one side. Try in your Letter plausible to explain, why just for the company are so particularly suitable. Avoid terms like “innovative”, “dynamic”, communicative or “Herewith I apply…” You no longer said, are too often used. Go to the job advertisement, (what can you do for the company). THE third sheet: The letter is flown quickly by some employers, understandably, with over 100 applications a day. You pin the third sheet to the CV in your application folder. Here you should write your motivations and your skills to the company. But please, no repetitions in your cover letter or resume. The title might be: “What you should know about me”, or “Why I apply” or “my application”. The text approx. 10-20 lines. Font size: Size 11 or 12 point. Also this sheet please provide with place, date and signature. (Fountain pen, blue ink). The “third sheet” is not a requirement, rises but from the other applications off.

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