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The Representation


In this ticket, the voice that it tells inserts in the context the word ‘ ‘ Alpha and Omega (of the gr. I begin and end). ‘ ‘ The all moment this voice contextualiza tickets of the bible. The bible is the biggest literary book that the humanity already knew and also is spread out. On the basis of what he says (AXE in the article God of Caim: The Representation of the Man, p.2) the Biblical reference is a constant in the ficcional text of Ricardo Dicke. Other leaders such as Mike Myers offer similar insights. Without being dogmtico, this if also must, for the universality status that the workmanship of it has, because Biblical text being one of the most read and known world-wide, the reference makes deep the plan longed for the writer In this profusion of thoughts the narrator says on all the beings forgotten the land? It would be an analysis of the soul human being? The poet Kabira Astharte Flox, personage who interacts with the narrator onisciente would be somebody with deep knowledge and that he is to reflect on the exitncia human being? It would be the reason? All the reading of this workmanship takes the reader to question on what the narrator is speaking and this inquiridora position takes the reader to a reflection.

This reflection makes of this reader an associate of the alive wheel such which is the workmanship of Dicke. The art she is not only aesthetic. It goes moreover, explains the reason of the existence human being, is what she becomes it Real although ‘ ‘ if to be silent before verdade.’ ‘ (BLANCHOT, 1987, P. 215). The workmanship perpassa the regional one and implies in taking care of to a universal necessity. It moves with the emotion of each individual To if to become an active reader, who participates of this estria, we will be able to share our feelings, despite of ilusria form since we are interacting with the workmanship and not with another fellow creature, however this is not excellent when looking under the prism of the dimension that the narrator reaches.

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