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For the first time we can begin to devote time to understand it. We will try to see it from different angles, will reflect on it and inform us well, something that maybe you never have. The concern helps us to realize that we are lacking a plan. Yes, because if something worries us is because we don’t have a convincing plan to act against her. Let us now to develop one thing more effective effort to deal with the threat. Or better yet, prepare several contingency plans if the primary fails.

The existence of the concern is also giving you an additional possibility that you can use. To appear before potential problems over which warns you, you is giving time. And that means that it is offering the opportunity for a greater number of options to avoid the threat approaching. rooms to prevent in time the issues that concern you have opportunity to materialize. The concerns are bearers of a great deal of energy. And unfortunately it is usual to let him lose.

When we do not know to use all that energy that emerges from the concern, this reverts against ourselves. But instead, we can use all that anxiety as impulse to act. He uses fear to strengthen you, to compensate for your weaknesses, to study and arm yourself for new resources. Finally, there is a kind of concern presented to us to problems that we cannot solve. In other words, before events that we that face anyway, difficult to be. That kind of restlessness is also very useful. Help us to build our character and become fit to withstand the inescapable adversities of life. Sooner or later we will face circumstances as well. It is highly recommended that we use the problems without solution as a kind of training. So in those cases the best is get strong, take a deep breath and be willing to face anything with courage. Other recommended reading: Your chances of making money with Internet subtleties to excite women techniques psychological of defence personnel (I) to remember best what Estudiado original author and source of the article

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