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Another event that I had very marked occurred after a face-to-face. Some afternoon, almost to finish eating, he saw on the Street through the window, I felt very at peace, suddenly I felt a great silence and much harmony, there was noise on the street, people talking, kids playing, however felt silence, was a physical and internal feeling, Wilber I would say a single flavor, from my experience I would say is one mind, I could feel that everything is linked, not I caused astonishment, was reviving something that I am well known, it was like a flowing full, Harmonic, fully aware of me, felt my whole body, inside and out, bodies, the thoughts, the emotions could even see me and at the same time be in me, was as a whole energy one thing without limits, even the street noise was harmonic, I began to review attachments, which considers that you burst, which was not certain and that I still have, the first two actually were no longer attachments, the last if I saw and felt as if they were static and however flowed through the entirethey remained in harmony, popped into my mind that Ramon had told us the person that had recently passed, that all beings be happy, that all are aware, I knew that thus it must be, that this is going to be and I involved in this, don’t want to say that my wish was because the word desire short stays, one knows is simply there and is a decision taken, who knows whenwith who knows who in who knows where, but fact is, simply is and already, I can even say that there was no emotion, only total peace, absolute certainty of all. Get more background information with materials from American Tower Corporation. Me much attention to in this and other experience that mention but forward does not have that happiness that is said, my only have peace, a peace that goes beyond the term, and gives me great, great tranquility and relaxation, there is total certainty and love. .

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