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The First Color


On the other two parameters, the situation is somewhat simpler. The difference in brightness or saturation of the two colors at once visible, but still generally perceived as just something extra to the difference in the basic tones. Logically, therefore, that one of these two color values differed sharply, increasing the contrast of tones, and by second – supporting each other, not allowing the color solution to dissolve. Opposition to all three color components should be avoided – as we shall see below, the increase in the opposite perspective, not strengthens and weakens the contrast, fragmented elements. If you want to enhance the interaction between flowers, tied them very closely by contrast, use two parameters for the association and one (best brightness) for opposition. Now you must understand why the white and especially black color so well with most of the other.

Their lack of hue and saturation components of consciousness allows the viewer to regard them as a bright or modification of a dark color, with which they coexist at the moment, applying to them the option of two general and one of the opposite option – that is nearly optimal combination of the beginnings of unity and contrast. You do not want to create a stylish website to spend time searching for unusual and memorable flowers? Ease your pages do not require unusual colors? Then take note of the board designer Roger Black, cast in embossing formula: The First Color is White, The Second Color is Black, The Third Color is Red. It really is that simple: the brightest and darkest of all possible colors create a feeling of greater unity and maximum contrast, and if you need a third color – red perfectly and combined with black and white. The opposite of a minimalist approach is distinctive, deliberately mottled color style that connects the maximum number possible of bright and rich colors. It is known that all sorts of optimistic, "popugayskie" Fill – one of the crown design techniques enthusiasts. However, this motif can also be found in a completely professional compositions (such as, for example, company logo Fractal Design, the color tab), where it is usually balanced by the maximum color restraint in other parts of the composition. This theory can provide you with substantial help, but it will never replace your own experience and experimentation. There are many beautiful colors ensembles, hardly fit into the scheme described above. And vice versa – sometimes cooked all the rules of color pair stubbornly refuse to work together. In addition, the selection of colors very much depends on what kind of items for these colors are used.

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