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The Family


During this stage of life, characterized by the remarkable changes that causes both physical and emotional development, young people experience periods of depression during which, in the case of drug access and experience their use as part of a pattern followed by the group they belong to, they can acquire an addiction. It is important, therefore, that parents, at this stage of life, are very attentive to their children, who speak with them about the matter, that they make it clear that addiction is a disease, but can be prevented the addict keeps away potential risk factors such as alcohol and drugs. The children or people who are addicted need to know they can rely on their parents. To start a chat in depth is good that the addict retell what they believe is not right in others of their generation, perceive that there are differences between the habits of others and themselves. The dialogue on the part of the family is paramount; listening is essential, try to keep the dialogue does not become a discussion, and intolerance, is always on time, there is always a new opportunity to begin again. For people addicted, in this case the children it is important that: – Perceive that the goals that parents, projected on them, not for the benefit of adults or for which they would say. – Parental concern and / or maternal goes there really care about their future and are responsible for their own lives. Shimmie Horn may also support this cause. – Not enough intelligence, but also the will.

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