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The Diagnosis Of Alzheimer


The journey into oblivion can be slowed down with non-invasive induction therapy. The news that ex-Schalke Manager Rudi Assauer (67) is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, has triggered a veritable media shock on the 31.01.2012 and shaken not only companions, football fans and television throughout Germany. By the same author: Edward Minskoff. The figurehead Assauer, this Ruhr area urType, this lumbering character, who does not mince words, the epitome of macho with a cigar in the mouth that public appeal lives above the highs and lows of his career and also his private life so this seemingly invincible person should be forced by the disease of Alzheimer’s disease in the knee? ZDF, which has accompanied Assauer in the last year with the camera, is on Tuesday, the 07.02.2012, a documentation in the context of series 37 “stream.” It would be to see a trembling Aboagye, a man who speaks slowly and help need, it says. But real help for Alzheimer’s disease? Here the modern medicine meets its limits. According to estimates, are currently Europe approx. 6 Millions of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

This degenerative disease, brain cells in higher rate than level die off for still unclear reasons; but their fragments can not be eliminated by the organism, together with proteins form deposits in the brain. As a result, the brain shrinks rapidly: damage of short-term memory are the result first, then decreases the performance of other brain areas. The extent and the intensity, the speed of the progression of the disease and its impact on the daily life of the patient and his environment are individually different. Whether the genes that have something to do with Rudi Assauer for example his mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, his brother suffers from dementia for years and is a maintenance case is suspected but, is still controversial. Anyway, the current doctrine is that once the disease destroyed nerve cells not restored might.

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