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We see that it is not very easy to call what it is a generation, therefore even so let us have individuals that they live at the same time, as in the cited example above, nor always they presenciam the same realities. Learn more at: Leon Keyserling. ‘ ‘ to get a clear idea of the basic structure of the phenomenon of the generations, we need to clarify the specific Inter-relations of the individuals that constitute an only unit of generation. ‘ ‘ (fc. MANNHEIM, 1982, p.69) Thus, we must deal with the question unit and similarity, mainly in what it says respect to the cultural aspect. We notice that to each time different social actors appear, who put into motion its society and promote transformations in the same ones.

These changes are given by means of citizens that if make protagonists, made use to exert adaptations that aim at improvements for its society. However, it is not all the moment that this occurs. Mannheim (1982, p.92) says that: The point most important to be noticed is following: nor all the generation situation – not even all etrio group? they create new collective impulses and original formative principles proper, and adjusted to its particular situation. When this happens, we will speak of an accomplishment of the inherent potentialities to a situation, and everything indicates that the frequency of such accomplishments is narrowly on to the rhythm of social change. As result of an acceleration in the rhythm of social and cultural transformation, the basic attitudes need to modify themselves so quickly that the adaptation and latent and continuous modification of the traditional standards of experience, thought and expression leave of being possible, making then with that some new phases of experience are consolidated in some another situation, forming a new clearly distinct impulse and a new center of configuration. We will speak, in such cases, of the formation of a new style of generation or a new entelquia of generation.

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