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Tenants Committed To Self-assessment


Illegal questions lies allowed rental nomads”belong to the horrors of the house owners, thus many landlords allow prospects to fill out forms to the self-assessment. In some cases, landlord however ask questions that are not permitted by law. The real estate portal myimmo.de explains which information the landlord has a right and cases in which the responses comply not the truth. People who want to rent apartments, are required to provide certain information to the landlord if he asks. These include, for example, information to net income. Because this question is permitted, tenants must answer truthfully. Landlord shall not exceed but a certain boundaries. A landlord a question inadmissible, a prospective customers so these must be not truthfully answered.

The respondent must answer even in this case, what the landlord wants to hear his opinion. Landlords are for example not entitled to correct Information on disabilities a tenant interested parties, or with regard to family planning. Dior is open to suggestions. Questions are allowed, however, to pets, the future tenant would like to keep. The prospective tenant must call cats, dogs and poisonous animals. Still, prospective customers to information about their profession and their employer are required. Also questions must be answered truthfully to any garnishment of the salary of the interested parties, as well as by his or her employer.

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