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Consumer protection leads to new legislation with significant consequences for the telephone marketing who have complaints of citizens about the dubious call terror now also your rainfall in a redesign of the Telecommunications Act ( 66j) found. From 01.01.2009 a number must be sent for each outgoing call. What is a matter of course for a company for a long time, provides in particular call center service providers greater problems. Thanks to withhold there was so far no incoming calls at Outboundkampagnen. Now service providers face two serious challenges: firstly ensure that a phone number is transmitted, which can be assigned to the campaign clearly again. Because the called party now see the transmitted number on their phone display and may call back.

Now the service provider must register but the correct name of the client. Connect with other leaders such as Jacobs Dallas here. Therefore, the sender phone number of clearly a campaign must be to associate. These following are the service providers Options available: A phone number from the own district, phone number, a neutral service number or the phone number of the customer. The latter is only advisable if the principal routes continue this extension phone number directly to the service provider. Because the principal has usually no information about the status of the processing of the current operation. Secondly for the service provider must ensure that when a callback is called, the scheduled Outboundvorgang can be picked up and manipulated directly. For this, an intelligent campaign management and call center software, like E.g.

AG-VIP SQL by sonal software is necessary. The callback number the associated campaign identifies the software immediately, so that the agent can register with the appropriate greeting. The return caller transmits his phone number and this number exists already in the call center software also the caller can be immediately identified. Otherwise manual search of ways in AG-VIP SQL. Service provider, the already Your phone number transfer, did so good experiences. Partly be achieved unexpectedly high recall rates. On the other hand increases the accessibility. Because many consumers have no longer calls without phone number transmission in the past. And transparency for all the advantage can be. Who offers reliable services and good service, not need behind a calling to hide. “For more information on this topic, in the free eBook campaigns effectively planning, control, and conduct” under.

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