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Surgery For Obesity


Surgery for severe obesity is expanding at a very rapid rate, and rightly so. Although gastrointestinal surgery is a last resort, is proven to be the only technique to lose weight and keep it long. Globally, obesity is turning into an epidemic, a health problem that affects all areas of life of people who have it. It is a condition that is expanding too rapidly, due to several factors. Heredity may be a cause, but the sedentary lifestyle, little or no exercise and excessive caloric intake, coupled with fast-paced lifestyle we have, seem to be the main causes of overweight and obesity. Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT has compatible beliefs. Although there are several alternatives for weight loss, bariatric surgery is the only one who has tried to help the patient to lose weight and keep it long. This may be good for super obese patients, but for medicine and science, is a failure to try to find alternative or less drastic solutions to combat growing health problem is obesity. There are two main types of surgery to treat obesity.

One of them is where the placement of an adjustable band creates a small pouch in the stomach, thereby limiting the amount of food you can eat every time. The other technique combines the restriction of the stomach and cut part of the small intestine to reduce the area that absorbs calories and nutrients. Both procedures make the patient lose weight, but this combined approach is more effective than the other. The combination of restrictive and malabsorption has proved more effective in producing weight loss over time.

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