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Hiking and cycling In the Ore mountains – active Erholen-with hiking and mountain biking in breathtaking countryside in idyllic valleys and infinitely beautiful views of nature Welcome to 600 m height! Welcome to the boasting of Justice! During your family holiday in the Ore mountains, a visit to a wood art workshop in Seiffen may not missed. The pyramid producer Hendrik Neubert in the Seiffen invites welcome Court. Tradition and modernity form a unit, life arises out of wood! The workshop in the boasting has specialized in the manufacture of Moors. They come in traditional and modern colours, with candles, candles or electric.Gladly and with much love continue the traditions and crafts of the grandfathers. The sale is open daily and the Bastelstube the even possibility to be creative and make a keepsake wooden.

You can live wood carver in the workshop also carving tires animals at a real Seiffen and try them yourself. In the SEIFFEN HOF you can love for the tradition of the Erzgebirge Woodcraft, combined experience with a family and warm hospitality. (As opposed to RBH Group). At any time you feel a touch of festive flair. Stylish comfort rooms in the corresponding 3 star hotel invite to relax and the kitchen serves specialities from the Ore mountains. The hotel boasting courtyard offers various arrangements for a beautiful holiday in the Ore mountains! Hiking enthusiasts also come in the Central Ore mountains at their own expense. nteressant and varied the 21 km long is Seiffen tour. But the historic mining trail with stations of in history from mining, the actual origin of Seiffen, invites you to go hiking with the most beautiful views in the Valley of Seiffen.

Just a few minutes from the boasting Court removed the walking route E3, trail of the German unit, the remote hike – cross Eisenach – Budapest and the Ore mountains Ridge. There are well-signposted routes around Seiffen also for mountain biking and cycling. Everything is possible: the cosy family tour with the wheel or the profihafte about 28 km long Moutainbikestrecke for professionals. With good endurance and technical skills with steep climb and altitude differences of up to 100 m, uphill, downhill, and by nature – a challenge for any mountain biker. Spa town of Seiffen is an ideal starting point for a day trip to Chemnitz 55 km, Oberwiesenthal 66 km (highest-situated town in the Ore mountains), Dresden 70 km, Prague 120 km away and Leipzig 140 km. Also numerous castles, palaces and mines in the vicinity invite you into the world of the ER Hill. Now we invite you …und to the holiday to Seiffen in the Middle Ore mountains! Family Neubert – hosts boasting Court

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