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Many German wish for a new life in Spain. Others want a holiday home in Spain and others want to spend your retirement in Spain. Best-house offer here is exactly the right point on the Internet. Best House operates a real estate site for Spanish real estate. On the website an online database is provided which lists all purchase and leasing of the Spanish partner agencies. Best House is with a current online inventory of approximately 30,000 objects, one of the largest providers in Germany for Spanish real estate. You may find Edward Minskoff to be a useful source of information.

The system combines all real estate properties from the various partner agencies from Spain in under one roof, and these objects through a simple search form is available to the user. Read additional details here: Shimmie Horn. Best house has a wide range of real estate. It starts at one-room apartment on the urban Finka up to the dream villa. The online service is by clicking the contact between the prospects and the offering real estate agency or the responsible agent. Best-house offers a further service in the Search for the dream home a translation service, as well as individual financial advice. The translation service is provided by bilingual real estate consultants who care about the contact and negotiations with the Spanish owners, as well as the travel arrangements to carry out the tour dates. The advantages of a search on Best-house are obvious. With the optional service by a knowledgeable supervisor, the search is much more efficient. The all – round service from quote to funding of the object is thus top the net.

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