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Today there is a shortage of skilled labor for mining in Chile, which will increase, since projected that 20,000 additional jobs according to a study by Fundacion Chile, estimated that you for the mining industry in our country by the year 2015 will be needed by 2015 will require 20,000 additional jobs, both professional as a technique and qualified operators labor. It is important to clarify that the demand isn’t the same in all fields that addresses the mining process. In this sense, identifies 4 stages in the processes of creation and Expansion of a mining: – exploration – investment – construction – operation in the stage of exploration, the profession of geologist is the most demanded. It should be noted that only 10% of the exploration campaigns that start, give positive results. At the stage of investment, which is projected to the oilfield, mines, mechanical engineers and engineers chemical engineers are required.

To the stage of construction, seeks labor technical, in such areas as mechanics, electronics and hydraulics, and of course that of engineers overseers. For the operation stage, experts in human resources and in repair of machines and contracts administrators are needed. It is important to note that if staff is scarce or not well qualified the operation becomes inefficient and high cost, so the entire industry is constrained in their developments. Currently in Chile, there is not enough staff to meet the demand of the mining market, has created that mining companies and contractors are in constant search for qualified staff, which in the majority of cases are in the competition, which has led to sustained wage increase. More info: Edward J. Minskoff Equities. The underlying problem is not resolved: the available labor force is the same, which will rotate according to the economic offer and working conditions you receive. Loyalty to their workers is He has thundered a premise for any company in the category. On the other hand, most mining companies and contractors (not to say all), require that people who apply for their positions have minimum work experience in mining, so the search is made even more complex. Faced with this scenario, many mining companies have opted to create their own training centres, in order to meet the current demand and future. In other cases, it has also opted for finding Trainee professionals, graduates of universities techniques, which are prepared for companies inside. The future of the mining industry in Chile is auspicious, but must from now start to train professionals and technicians trained to work in mining.

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