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Albeit surely unconsciously, it is but a not too denied Fact that the minion Franco had the use of the Catalaverboten after winning the Spanish civil war. Who spoke Catalan still in public life, or was denounced because he spoke Catalan in the private sphere, was punished for it hard. The nationalist regime of the fascist Franco was an unprecedented wave of Hispanization in gear, not even stop making the names of places or even people. Native language and names were banned Catalan name have been summarily replaced Decree against Spanish names, although these two languages together have only little resemblance. Even before tombstones the Franco regime did not stop. The reprisals against the mother tongue of the Mallorcan were only lifted in 1978, after the death of General Franco and the introduction of the first parliamentary democracy in the Kingdom of Spain. This is just once over 30 years.

The damage done by the Franco regime in all Catalan speaking provinces of Spain had caused, was enormous. The Catalaerlebte, until Franco came, one about 100 years ongoing revival – the Renaixenca, after this language ever, which was banned in the 18th century, over several generations away from the Spanish Royal House. Santa Maria de Montserrat Franco’s henchmen resistance already at that time was the Castilian enforced using violence as an official language. And now, under Franco, the mother tongue of all Catalan speaking had been banned again over many decades. Only in one place in all Spain, people dared to speak Catalan. In the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat, near Barcelona, on the Spanish mainland. Santa Maria de Montserrat enjoyed religious privileges to his time, and was able to escape so successfully accessing the Franco dictatorship. The painful history of the Catalans and their significance for Mallorca what significance has the painful history of the Catalans for the inhabitants of the island of Majorca, situated against the backdrop of the marked on the hand.

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