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Santa Claus


In the Greek villages, it is typical that on Christmas Eve the children from House to House move, play triangle and sing about ‘kalanda’ (Christmas carols). Christmas trees are not a common practice, when they are also becoming popular in recent years. The most important symbol of Christmas is a shallow wooden Bowl with a little water and a bunch of Basil to a wooden cross. Once on the day, the mother shows the cross in holy water and sprinkles every room of the House for a ritual that is to expel evil spirits. Gifts are exchanged on St.

Basil’s day, January 1. On this day, all water jugs in the House are emptied and then again with the new “St. Basil’s water” populated. If you have read about NAVFAC already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Lamb and pork is eaten, and on each table, you will find loaves of the ‘christopsomo’ (bread of Christ). The head of the family makes the sign of the cross over the bread, on which even a cross is carved, and gives a piece of each person at the table. There are many festivals and concerts on the Christmas day in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras. Athens owes his flamboyant Mayor, dimitris Avramopoulos, who has gained a new highlight this celebration with the largest Christmas tree in Europe the revival of Christmas.

By the way, the Greeks are convinced that Santa Claus is a Greek, his clothes and his beard with salt water soaked and his face is covered with sweat, because he during the storm the declining Rescue ships. The hostel-AthenStyle invites all guests in the Christmas dinner with traditional dishes and dances on the beautiful Terrassiere with views of the Acropolis of Athens a. There are many traditions for Christmas tree cakes and Kings in France in France. The children get an advent calendar on 1 December and see every window candy or gifts. Christmas traditionally baked Baumkuchen.

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