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Is that you personally address a word of thanks I hope you come to the as soon as possible. From me you know you have a friend forever grateful for having followed this dream utopian in Valencia have mi casita’s colors and fantasies to welcome you with great affection. SALES. It has sold only one of Rincon’s Cuca. The reasons for this having happened may have been different, perhaps within hours that was open to the room, the dates in which spent the money on other things, the price of the works that stood highest with the intention of raising more funds and almost with certainty that is could that have been a major promotion in Toledo. I particularly was bleak these days perhaps the long months of work, dreams and promises of sales, had made me see the Schoolhouse at least because with the roof I had a badly, but in the end the been able to see that it is now when it starts piousness fight, the path of reconstruction and at the end my tears have evaporated with smiles. On 21 January opens a new exhibition at the Ateneo de Alicante. This we owe it Thanks to Vicente Herrero Caceres that we entered there and will to collaborate again in the Assembly and exhibition promotion.

I think EU will last until February 4 and later already have dates in Valencia for the following exhibitions. As you will see in this Web address has offered one of the components of the Guillermo, an incomparable genius of surrealist art exhibition. Le petite Dali, a humanist, supportive man and connoisseur of the art of knowing sell or donate to finance needs will be all our works exhibited on sale so they can see the world and achieve our goals more easily. Already we will inform through William of his movement and how we are going to go channeling future exhibitions and cultural events. Seek on the Web the Dragonfly movement that was created thanks to William and a few crazy September 7 2007. It was an espacialisima night already also the daughter of Salvador was born our colleague and has called Celia, from the Dragonfly we will form a support group for those created for William Noe-surrealist movement to expand our art and knowledge.

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