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Also noteworthy: “Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel is an honorary member of the Rotary Club (Stralsund). … Much similar to the Freemasons, although Rotarian deny this. This Doppelmitgliedschaften seem to be a problem. In addition, that was also one of the four founders of Rotary, the German-American Gustav Loehr, a Freemason. …

In May 2008 Angela Merkel at the mammoth Summit in Lima also received the Sol Peru “, the highest Peruvian La. “A pure Masonic badge, because the former founder of General Jose Francisco de San Martin and President Augusto B. Leguia were both inaugurated Freemasons!” (Kopp Verlag, 03.03.2009). Already in March 2008 Merkel received the Gold Medal of the organization B ‘nai B’ B’rith (“sons of the Federal”), 1843 by twelve German Jews in New York as a secret lodge in 1984 and founded by “Pope John Paul II. “in the Vatican was received. Is Jorge has long been in intensive contact with B ‘Nai B’ B’rith, among others with the 2012 B’ nai B’ B’rith and “Memorial liturgy to the Kristallnacht” fabricated him in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, “to commemorate the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust”.

Accordingly you must wonder also quite generally, whether a Roman Catholic can be allowed to belong to an FRG party. Consider on the one hand the undeniable fact that the FRG violently suppressed the truth about the Catholic Church or the V2 set. And on the other hand consider the irrefutable fact: “it is an outrage to transgress the commandment of God to the man’s sake; It is not allowed to ignore the laws of Jesus Christ, to follow the authorities, or to violate the rights of the Church under the Vorwande to uphold the law of the State. … There is no better citizens in the war nor at peace, as it is the pflichttreue Christian; Therefore he must endure everything even the death as the cause of God or disclose the Church. … Only this is a true law, which is enacted as a reasonable command of the legitimate force for the general benefit. That is a true and legitimate violence, which comes from God, the highest Prince and Lord of all; He alone can give a man power over a man”(Pope Leo XIII., encyclical” Sapientiae christianae, 1890 “). Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

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