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The drawings are the instruments used for the registers. It will always have symbols to express the knowledge, when it will not have theoretical referenciais. Perhaps check out AMT for more information. 4 – RESULTS AND QUARREL 4,1 – PROFESSORS All the activities had been submitted the analysis, so that we could understand the ambient perception of the pupils in question. We evidence a clipping of the Project of Research so that the professors of the Pertaining to school Unit in study left registered of its performance and the knowledge on the boarded subject. The questionnaire to be answered by the professors was delivers to the same ones during the process of capacity of lessons of the school. In the chance 42 professors if made gifts, however, the school counts on 43 effective professors in the year of 2001.

Of the 30 questionnaires distributed to the professors gifts, being that 03 professors had opposed to answer it the same. Of these, 01 professor argued not to be made entire of the ambient questions of the country. Of the universe of 27 questionnaires, we had the return of 16 professors who had answered questionnaire expressing a percentage of 59% of answers, being that 02 of these are Pedagogical Coordenadores and excessively (14) is acting in the docncia (classroom) had answered and returned the instrument, 11 of these professionals had not answered nor had returned. 4.2. ENVIRONMENT IN FORM OF DRAWINGS After the interviews with the professors and, in the sequence, became fullfilled the activities with the pupils. This was the form that we find to make a possible parallel of as the professors of the pupils of this research think, act and perceive the environment when the subject is Ambient Education. In if treating to the pupils, the work in classroom had basic importance in the development of this research.

Initially we look for to carry through the work with the professors as starting point, considering that the classroom would be a estimulador so that the pupils could present its first results, therefore understands that this environment allows that the oral arguments, the drawing, the text the presentations can evolve, enriching the knowledge of pupils making possible the development of the proper resources of communication. Considering that the Schools are not syntonized in a Program of Ambient Education little they make to change this reality; the chosen physical space for this practical does not matter, therefore the interaction in the way if of the one through the comments, perceptions; thus we establish a contact between human being and half to be studied, searched, allowing an approach about sensitivity, so that we start to adopt a position that if makes necessary to explore this track of the Ambient to be searched or studied Education. The participation of the pupils at the prompt moments of the cultural activities of art was marked by the liberty of speech of the same ones. Different colors and tones had been used to register these activities, clearly that as the taste of each pupil, leaving these to vonta

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