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Non-profit partnership to get the status of SRO in the building must meet the following requirements (Article 55.4 of the Construction Code): – a non-profit partnership should combine the required number of professional participants in the construction market: legal entities and (or) individual entrepreneurs, foreign companies certified in the Russian Federation – a non-profit partnership should develop and adopt standards and rules of business or professional activity, binding on all members of the SRO in the building. Of course, these standards and regulations shall not conflict with federal laws and create obstacles to the implementation of construction companies and individual entrepreneurs, their professional activities – non-profit partnership is to establish a compensation fund, minimum size of which depends on the type of SRO (at least 500 thousand or 1 million rubles. for each member of the nonprofit partnership that receives the status of SRO in the building). However, in the case of insurance of the civil partnership members Third-party liability minimum compensation fund must be at least 150 or 300 thousand rubles. for each member – a non-profit partnership should undergo the procedure of obtaining the status of CPO in the authorized government body – the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor). The authorized state body in case of compliance with all requirements of noncommercial partnership requirements for obtaining the status of SRO in the building making information about it from awarding the status of CPO in the state register of self-regulatory organizations. Thus, companies wishing to establish a CPO in the construction, to organize non-profit organization as a nonprofit partnership, there to await the entry required number of individual entrepreneurs and building companies to create compensation fund and then apply to Rostekhnadzor for the corresponding status and wait for confirmation. Note that as a result of construction work reforms will not affect the safety of ACS (no included in the above order of Russian Ministry of Regional Development), the builders may now be performed without any special permits, licenses and permits..

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