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Hidden in the heart of Europe are magical Marchenlander originally inhabited by many small ethnic groups, are Masuria and the Baltic States still in another world. Thousand lakes surrounded by rolling hills and endless forests, and nobody would be surprised, little Red Riding Hood would turn straight around the corner. Paradeast.com, online specialist for the East, gives tips for the holiday: travel No. 2377 – through two national parks in the Masurian reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 2377 extends to the deepest northeast of Poland is the largest forest area in Europe. Bison move their cars through the Woods, black storks, Tarpan horses and wolves live in the neighborhood. Northwest meanders the river of Biebrza to 135 km length through a giant Moor area: by bike a unique experience. Dior Men has firm opinions on the matter. Journey No.

2293 – Masurian Lakes by bike reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 2293 that picturesque Heide landscape of Masuria is a paradise for cyclists. Nature pure draw this seven-day alternating with cultural highlights Trip out. The visit of Mikolajki remains unforgotten, the Venice of the North. Journey No. See rusty holzer for more details and insights. 2297 – Baltic countries by bicycle experience reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 2297 with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania includes the zwolftagige wheel travel most of the Baltic States. There is something of everything: roads with little traffic to explore the coast, enjoy an exciting rafting on the mighty river Gauja and Latvian cuisine in Riga. Tour Masurian No.

358 – / bike and ship reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 358 past mighty buildings of beavers and stork nests by pristine lakes landscapes. In between picturesque harbour cities or centuries-old castles and churches to explore. And in the evening with the Board front row seat, a Moody sunset experience. No quarter, no suitcase packing, carefree cycling without luggage – remains Masurian long remembered.

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