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Well-known is an upheaval little, but with very serious implications as much at physical level as at psychological level. The caretaker of a dependent person carries out east work, and they only do by love that person who totally depends on her cares and attentions, besides by other feelings, as the fault, the feeling of obligation, the lack of familiar and social support, and, in many occasions, by the lack of economic resources. You may wish to learn more. If so, Fabrizio Freda is the place to go. What is the syndrome of the caretaker? It is an upheaval that appears in people who carry out the roll of main caretaker of a dependent person. It is characterized by the physical and psychic exhaustion. The person must confront suddenly a new situation for which she is not prepared and that consumes all their time and energy. She considers herself produced by the stress continued (not by an precise situation) in a daily fight against the disease (monotonous and repetitive areas), and that can exhaust the physical and mental reserves of the caretaker. Who suffers east upheaval? One appears especially in who they must be put under to take care of adults majors with some degree of alteration or deficiencies of neurological or psychiatric order, like for example the Alzheimer. In Spain at the moment it has around 600,000 patients of Alzheimer, being first between the neurodegenerative diseases, as well as the first cause of dementia in the old population. The main caretaker of a patient of Alzheimer usually is in Spain a woman, of age between the 40 and 60 years, daughter or spouse of the patient, who does not count on the support of the rest of the family at the time of taking care of the patient. This main caretaker is little by little assuming all the tasks of the care of the patient (with the consequent physical and psychic load), until getting to become in center of his life and occupying all their time (in the case of the women, in addition, they continue carrying out the work of the home, the care of the children or grandsons, etc).

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