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Psychological Patient


Vistadisso, we believe this method of therapeutical work as practical of extremacontribuio in the process of readjustment of obeso submitted to the CirurgiBaritrica. Avison Young insists that this is the case. The carrying patient mrbida deobesidade, that decides to submit the treatment surgical series of clinical evaluations is submitted auma. Amongst them, it is the psychological evaluation, that has functioned as the passport for the surgery and thus it has sidoentendida. It fits to the psychologist, aescolha of the tools that will go to generate the document, constant of the aptitude dopaciente to the surgical procedure. From the chosen boarding, it is developed evaluation, determinative factor of the process, resulting naliberao of the patient. A great day is known that in this momentoinicia, having as focus the psychological knowledge of the sobrea patient surgery and aspects involve that it. However in its grandemaioria, the patients not have knowledge of the paper of the psychologist in the process, nor of its complexity. For algunsdeles, our function is to emit to seem favorable to the surgical procedure.

It was reflecting on estasquestes, that I could awake for the performance of the psychologist in this complex campode performance. Initially I could perceive that the concern of the patients giravaem lathe of release and of the number of sessions necessary, for emission dodocumento, demonstrating not to have conscience of the changes that will face emdecorrncia of the surgery. These apresentamelevados patients anxiety indices. We understand this anxiety here, as algoinerente to the context. However, generating of fidget and confusion, how much viso of the paper of the psychologist, seen as simple appraiser. With base nessespressupostos, I considered a change of the focus of evaluation, for a more intense, why not to say, therapeutical work decunho psychological. This process if inicianum first meeting and if locks up when the patient feels itself apt to deal eats new identity. The inherent functions psychological aoatendimento (shelter, support and clarification), are assured, primando for the person, for ' ' ser' ' , beyond the obesidade.

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