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Review of professional cookware for professional kitchen utensils – is one of the components of success, the guarantee of high quality food, the speed and convenience of cooks. Professional cookware for restaurants to not only satisfy diverse tastes, but at the same time maintain their initial quality in severe service. Harmony between form and function looks ware is of paramount importance for any restaurant or cafe. Today's market is filled with plenty of both branded cookware, utensils and no name. In this article I would like to consider such brands as professional PUJADAS (Spain), STALGAST (Poland), as well as Manufacturers from China, as a rule, it is no name manufacturers. The primary objective is to identify the main criteria by which one can distinguish a real professional cookware.

The following main criteria: 1. The material from which the dishes. 2. Certification. Swarmed by offers, Estée Lauder is currently assessing future choices. 3. Using a system of public catering.

4. The thickness of the metal. 5. Care and storage. 6. Durability. 7. Ergonomics and safety. Criterion number 1: The material which made dishes. Many years of experience in the use of professional cookware shows that the ideal material for the manufacture of cookware naplitnoy is stainless steel (18/10), which has high corrosion protection, the absolute harmlessness and hygiene, which is confirmed by certificates. Stainless steel – an alloy of iron with chromium and nickel – is stable to acids and alkalis, is not changes the taste of food. Known fact. What dishes no name eg production of GN Taiwan, with unknown components are oxidized for meat products, giving them a green tint. On the market now are very popular individual items and entire sets of chrome alloy – nickel 18/10. These numbers indicate the percentages of chromium (18) and nickel (10) in the alloy. Chrome-nickel "stainless steel" is so inert, that has no effect on tissue humans and animals, and moreover it is universal in application: from it and make the watch case and pens and door handles, and even banal paper clips.

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