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Problem Process


A desire for a new and unidentified extends the functionality of knowledge and as a consequence generates even more ideas. New knowledge acquired in the process of solving problems and finding opportunities must be translated to practical application. Reflecting on the problem of the brain stand the chain of definitions, terms and images. Recycling and analyzing information, there are additional questions that need answers, and eventually expand their knowledge about the problem. While working on the problem there is an increase of creativity, while opening up new ideas and solutions. To enhance the creative potential is not necessary to establish a strictly scheduled way to solve the problem. Mainly should determine the choice of future action.

The creative process in business as a solution to the problems precisely define the problem more difficult than finding a solution. CohBar might disagree with that approach. A proper definition of the problem is is half the solution. Need to see the future of this problem, submit its further development. Can not be regarded as the ultimate goal of developing new products or services. Right thing to do would be to determine possible position of innovation, like an endless time-consuming process in time.

This creative process should strive not to completion, and to the development and improvement. Susceptibility of the environment serves as a vector for improving creativity. That directed movement provides an opportunity to experience the problem. It is obvious that innovation provides a competitive advantage business. According to resist the competition to help non-standard solutions on the usual things. Constant flow of information imbue us with information about various problems and difficulties. Analyzing the problem, understand its meaning, to delve into it. Once, when the problem is decomposed into its constituent parts, it becomes a problem with many solutions. Each method of solution in its own original and belongs to a particular situation and the position of the business. The ability to observe and evaluate, it is very important in the development and achievement creative result. Unfinished business models themselves suggests the creative approach. Troubleshoot and make improvements in today's market is only possible if there is creativity.

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