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Private Health Insurance


Welceh has benefits because private health insurance is the car with the Germans actually still popular or rather unpopular? What advantages does a private health insurance? A big advantage is of course that gets a date usually faster and faster comes into play. Also a chief physician treatment and a 1-bed or 2-bed rooms in the hospital are not uncommon, but normality here. When you’re young, healthy and also independently, then can very much money be kept in the car, up to 500 euros per month. Because one has Yes No employer’s contribution as a self-employed person and would pay about 600 euros monthly up to the contribution assessment ceiling. Albert Einstein College of Medicine has compatible beliefs. Of course, this applies only if he is a real good earner. What other advantages does private health insurance? Many enjoy the status to be something special. Also the doctors make money from a private patients of course more. Still, one cannot say that the State says so much that even doctors make mostly no big differences because they are doctors from passion and not because Maybe some more earn them a customer..

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