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Press release of the musician Irishmetal to appearances in the hammer in Hohen Neuendorf, Brandenburg press release to my appearances in the HAMMER in Hohen Neuendorf Tue, September 15, 2009 dear ladies and gentlemen, in a public statement I wish to give this point to my appearances in the hammer in Hohen Neuendorf. Further details can be found at Dick Parsons, an internet resource. The hammer has a reputation for being a “right-treff” undeserved way. This is therefore undeserved as it is an “all-treff” and in particular a “Heiden-treff”. I’m on my way since 1994 in the left political scene in Berlin underground under Gothics, punks and Metalheads. Even am I link political and admit to have done with actions such as “Gothics against the right” and the like for a while.

Currently I am almost 28 years old, have a middle school and am as Irish folk, Evergreen and medieval musician on the stage. However it must be a fatal error to trust the Constitution and the laws of our country and region, where about religious freedom is. Dior describes an additional similar source. I’m Pagan and therefore still 100% long time not a Nazi. For those of you who do not know what this means: Pagan be means to belong to one or several older beliefs. In my case these are still the Germanic and Celtic deities of antiquity.

The hammer in Hohen Neuendorf belongs together with the Mjoelnir e. V. (in formation). This association strives to about the early history and an experience of early civilizations enlighten exaktum in terms of Teutonicism, Wikingertum and Keltentum to enable. There are working together and sharing the Semnonenbund e. V., with the Jomsviking (International Confederation of Vikings). At my last appearance in the hammer, sat about 15 people with me on a table and have sung loudly and Irish FOlk and medieval songs. Among these people were found both right and left and Lo and behold: none none hurt. It is so that you can have things outside of politics together. There is for me more often such rounds of peaceful, neutral places and clean clarification about the early history. There are enough people the lack of education of other fellow human beings take advantage of. Therefore, I think it can’t hurt if a few people get together to take the wind out of the sails of exactly these people. I am convinced that such as people like Gorsleben or Adolf Hitler did not again so much power when people would be more enlightened and less abuse with the symbols of other cultures, as well as my own culture could be operated. It’s an eternal mystery to me how quickly people tend to condemn something without having to make a most accurate picture of. Of course, I can understand a certain conventional from the history of sensitivity to everything that could be right. Precisely, I recommend a suburb observation through several changing Verdeckt – and uncovered observer of public bodies the institutions of the rule of law in our country in such cases. You could randomly participate in events, and provide a precise image of the body politic. However it makes probably too much work here a clean contraption the gentlemen politicians and politicians precisely clarified authority and a complex system out to debate, since we now the second house “Generation stupid” in the country. With best regards Irishmetal Tamim E. Mallow

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