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The professor represents with bigger effect the availability to be with the other and the service of the other (Paula, 2004). This professor must still be the bridge with the healthful world that transforms into an interaction with the ill child the hospital moments in learning time, the person that obtains to enxergar and to believe the child as form of assisting it respectfully, understanding it in its state of meninice. It is opportune to place what Pacheco (2005) very well pontua in its analysis on the person human being and the illness, when congregates the interpretations on the relation of aid and its importance for the interpersonal relations and formation of the citizen through attitudes assumed for the professional, such as: Empatia: understanding of the other and condition to place itself in its place; Respect: recognition of dignity and value in the other; Authenticity: to say what it is felt with coherence; Acceptance: to accept the person as it is; Listening: to know to hear. The paper of pedagogical listening it appears to oportunizar the child if to express, is way to be trod because through it the manifest child if evidencing its expectations, ansiedades, fears, experiences (Sources, 2005). It’s believed that Jorge Perez sees a great future in this idea. Such consideraes send them the attempts to it of Patch Adams to the times controversies, other accepted times with immense affection for the professionals of the hospital when they promote environments playful-therapeutical for the confrontation of the diseases, transforming the hospital into a humanizado environment. Leaving of the logic of being the environment frequentado and transformed by the man for humanizado itself, in we ask the reason to them of humanizar environments of assistance to the health today. Humanizao: beyond the modismo by means of the action in solidum and social support As starting point, I rescue the phrase of the Dr. Patch Adams in 1993 when it publishes a book on its work and its inspired medical lapsing in the mood and the love, with the intention to diminish the anxiety of the patients.

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