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‘Chances for children’ – world child tags fixed for greater educational equity that German children’s charity urges on the occasion of the Federal centers of world child day celebrations in Berlin on more education justice in Germany. Education Justice is a subject that many people under the nails burns. The motto of the world children’s day opportunities for children!’, which was used to the children’s right to equal opportunities in the education system in the Center, has found a lot of encouragement. People in Germany know that much in our education system goes wrong and we are still far from justice in the education system. “Children need a school without selection, an inclusive school, where all children equal origin and which performance, live together and can learn and where they receive individually necessary supports”, Holger Hofmann, Federal Manager of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk stressed. At the official opening at noon was the President of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk, Thomas Kruger, a Called for increased education spending and more educational justice for children. In Germany, still the purse of the parents decide the educational opportunities of children. Children need a school that ensures an equitable access to education.

A nationwide Lehrmittelfreiheit could, for example, guarantee that no child will excluded from the classroom for financial reasons. Wolfgang Thierse, Vice-President of the German Bundestag, appealed to the members of the next Parliament, to engage actively on children’s rights. Every child deserve equal and equitable educational opportunities no matter how wealthy or poor, parents are and no matter where they come from. He hoped that in the next Bundestag many MPs will be represented, which also see this and strive actively for children and their rights. UNICEF-Pate Willi Weitzel reminded that every child has a right to a good school and fair opportunities. But that is by no means always the case. In the online survey to the world children’s day, 3,000 children had very Germany their schools only a mediocre certificate issued especially in terms of Justice, equality and participation.

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