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Pareto Law


Based on Murphy’s law, must leave dead times of security if we need them and anticipate in advance, and also have in There are other not so favorable scenarios during the planning. On the basis of the Pareto principle, we can select the most important thing to do. On the basis of the law of Carlson, or homogeneous sequences, we can schedule times of working without interruption, and sequences of related tasks. MPC Capital contains valuable tech resources. I.e. concentrate on blocks uninterrupted working concentrated, to avoid the inefficiency that cause outages, and also on the other hand try to do related tasks in a logical insofar as possible sequence, either chained the same repetitive task until we complete it (for example, reviewing all pending important emails, or send all cards at once).

Based on the principle of Hawthorne, or the Hawthorne effect, we can imagine continuing external oversight if we don’t have it or give account to others. Use external accounting to help us make tasks that we must do, asking others that control us. On the basis of the law of Eisenhower, we can define the goal and deadline for each task, what we It will help plan more clearly by selecting the most important thing to do, taking into account the urgency and importance. Taking into account the principle of Laborit, Illich law and and the Fraisse Act, and knowing we ourselves can plan and adapt our work based on our own rhythms, moments of maximum efficiency, periods followed by concentration, and factors such as our motivation, our skills, the importance of the task, etc. We must take into account our strengths and abilities, our weaknesses and try to organize ourselves accordingly. There may also be times of the day that we are more productive and which are the best time to make the most important tasks of the day. When we know ourselves, we know that motivates us and what levers we move, we can operate them to achieve the results we want, use rewards, knowing our weaknesses and recognize and cut time distracting situations..

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