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Eden – a heavenly abode 'heaven and hell – in the sky' – claim bigots. I looked at myself, saw the lie: heaven and hell – not a circle in the palace of the universe, heaven and hell – it's two halves of the soul. Omar Khayyam People have always believed in the existence of heaven on earth blissful corner, where there is harmony and no sorrow, no pechali.Gde no evil and pain, where the soul is filled with bright feelings and everything is possible, and no death. Edward Lazear may also support this cause. Thousands of years people strive to achieve this Garden of Eden, to reach his soul and understand the magic of life. But what says the story, as evidenced by ancient writings? What images arose from our ancestors and where does it place on Earth? At the beginning of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament Jews and Christian, tells of the creation of Adam and Eve and the expulsion of them from Paradise after the Fall. Based on these data, theologians and commentators of the Scriptures, as well as poets and artists have tried to recreate the image of Eden.

Except Biblical descriptions, one of the most ancient Sumerian considered – II millennium BC. Described therein abode of the gods Delmun located where the sun rises. Life in this paradise was free from sorrow, sickness and old age. A more detailed description of the wonderful garden is contained in the Sumerian epic "The Tale of Gilgamesh, where the protagonist finds himself in is located on top of the mountain 'Garden of the Gods', where the branches of trees and bushes glisten with precious stones, their leaves were of lapis lazuli, and the fruit of carnelian.

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