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New Mobile Era


Hardly any other device has evolved as quickly as the mobile phone. Once as big as a Briefcase, they are a mobile phone now smaller than a credit card. The new phones the new fascination – that it’s mobile phone now hard to believe that the phone is not even 30 years old. In 1985, there were the HRPC analog C-Netz in Germany and Austria. It allowed a lower transmitting power of phones and thus smaller devices.

The portable, small case with carrying handle and a connected telephone handset, as well as a longer antenna, were born. The price of a mobile phone was still several Tausen Deutsche mark. In the late 1980s and early 1990s was introduced nationwide digital mobile phone networks, the D-NET. So the required battery power of mobile phones and hence its size reduces again. in 1992, the first GSM-capable mobile device was introduced by Motorola.

However, the equipment and the technical features were limited at the time mobile phones to phone. Other options were not possible. I never think of the future. It comes soon enough. Albert Einstein said future or past goes on the technology? Today, 25 years later, it is hardly to imagine how a few years ago, the phenomenon was Mobile. At a rapid pace, the former giant mobile phone became the small cell phone as a companion for almost everyone. Meanwhile, a phone in our society is hardly possible to imagine. The properties of a cell phone, such as radio, MP3 player, MP4 Player, SMS, MMS, TV and a lot more, are innumerable. Nevertheless, there are some innovations in the mobile phone market, which is still not many known since not all too long. The company Trivera.de offers phones with the new technical features. Dual SIM phones, what is it? Dual-SIM allows the use of 2 SIM cards in one mobile phone.

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