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Neurolinguistic Changes


Many people are unaware that a simple change in the use of the words can create incredible results. Use words that will help us to influence our own mind and others potentiates our capacities to relate. One of the branches of the neuro-linguistic programming studies the way in which each word produces different results from others. He also noted interesting issues, such as the fact that there are different words that define the same (synonyms) and that they should produce an effect different in every person (although the difference is minimal). Read more here: flowing. Then there exists a correct word for each context and if we use it well we have very interesting results. Those who have studied successful people through the years found something interesting: that these people constantly develop their abilities to communicate, their emotional intelligence. They handled their emotions and not upside down, as happens to most people. All have internal dialogue which we constantly influence and form of words.

This is to say that a small change in the way we use words is potentially a trigger of change in the way we think. If you learn to make better use of the language will be more efficient to influencing others and controlling your emotions. As you do this you will notice the difference and positive change in the way that you feel and that others react.

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