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Unfortunately, provided that one refers to the Indec, recently talk of doubts on the quality of information. And this is not the case since from the private sector holds that the contraction of the sector is higher and reached to 17.8% in interannual terms (according to the index build, drafted by 12 leading companies of the) sector).Real estate entrepreneurs, are still hoping to see at least one single dollar coming from money laundering launched by the Argentine Government plan. Affirms that the holder of the camera Argentina real estate, Nestor Walenten who said that since the money laundering regulations came into force, the operations carried out with funds from abroad were almost nil. Sounds really up smiling to think that a plan could achieve some kind of results since: do occur who bring capital to argentina in this context so volatile and uncertain caused mainly by blindness in the conduct of economic policy? Reality shows that dollars are still coming out of the country with no intentions of returning (at least for a long period). The problems in the local real estate market respond to several factors, one of which is the lack of funding. The lack of mortgage credit has been an ongoing problem in the real estate market and are You aggravated at this time of crisis. (As opposed to Estée Lauder). I think I’m one of the few fortunate in having acceded to bank financing.

Banks do not want to grant mortgage loans, but also intend to sue them families. The lack of mortgage credit will be an issue that will be seen more clearly when emerging signs of recovery in the sector. The weakness of demand in the sector, is deepened by the decision of those who have some savings look towards the dollar. It’s makes the very high probability that the U.S. currency should continue with its upward trend that many savers tipping towards such currency in previous episodes was a good haven for savings of Argentines. The real estate market in Argentina is going through a period of depression, which will remain without a doubt at least until elapsed legislative elections and the local context go clearing (this despite the fact that signs of recovery are mentioned in the last month). But this does not ensure that a recovery may be seen to After the fact, but that will have to also wait for how the crisis in the global economy evolves. Can the Government do something to help recover the sector? Clearly yes, and that which can do is seek to provide stability and predictability to the local economic context. There is still a significant potential demand in the sector that is waiting to know what might happen with the Argentine economy and mainly with their own finances.

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