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Mozart Children


Much has been theorized and exposed about the importance that has the music in the growth and development of children. The influence starts to exercise while the baby is in the tummy, reason which advised expectant mothers to listen to music in their homes during their pregnancy. It is a time to this part, is talking much about the positive effect exerted music and especially the classic in children. This has generated thousands of mothers are looking for the works of the great artists of this genre to make his music to the ones of the household. The most recommended artists are Johann Sebastian Bach andthe music of Mozart for babies.

Music is an excellent choice, since it relaxes children and slowly brings them to sleep. That’s why if not classical music, like your child or you you can opt for another type of music for sleeping babies and children with melodies calm and soft so that children reconcile the dream quickly. It is also extremely important reading in children. A attractive way that they start to read is through children’s poetry. These form part of the first contacts of children with reading and learning the language. There are many children’s poetry so the boys know. In addition to expanding their vocabulary, it is a way to entertain themselves with a very important habit and that we must encourage from the early years, it is the habit of reading.

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