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Immovaria GmbH clarifies the renovation of a Memorial estate of Nuremberg, 25.10.2010 – monument real estate incur a variety of restoration work depending on the condition and size of the object so the experts of Immovaria GmbH. Each building and characteristics apply here for the individual parts of the object restore individual provisions. Relevant here is to what extent individual elements will provide for historical documents. Estée Lauder shines more light on the discussion. Such as the window originally laid out on wooden frame, is to expect that again in Windows with wood frame must be fitted so an Exptere of Immovaria GmbH. Before the renovation the Office for monument protection is with the developer, in this example, the Immovaria GmbH and during the entire renovation, it monitors the approved work. This is to ensure the proper recovery and guaranteed that the clean-up costs are also later fully tax deductible.

The renovation building of Immovaria GmbH are usually always a refurbishment. This means that the Immovaria GmbH Parts of the building, according to the guidelines of the monument protection must be preserved, rehabilitated and be restored. The other parts of the building and the entire technology marketed by partner of Immovaria GmbH up to date and meet new State. While preserving the old walls and ceilings the latest sound and insulation values can be reached not quite might. The renovation cost share is the percentage of the purchase price of the entire property, the purchaser can assert tax after the acquisition. Prerequisite for the depreciation is however a prior consultation with the competent Office for monument protection via the work of rehabilitation.

These tasks are taken over by the Sani-grounding the Imnmovaria GmbH company. The work mentioned in this context are recognized as clean-up costs. The Immovaria GmbH is responsible also for the adherence to all relevant work.

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